Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Staying Warm

When I ran track a big thing that our coaches always made us aware of was the importance of staying warm. We were frequently told, "You warm up, and you need to stay warm in order to compete at your best ability and to avoid injury." We made sure put sweats on, do our warm up runs and then keep our sweats on so that we are always warm when the time to race came.
Yet again, we can take this and draw a great parallel to life! We are competing right now, and throughout our life we have "warmed up." We now need to keep our "sweats" on so we can be ready when the race comes. We can do this by going to church and keeping the commandments. If we don't keep these "sweats" on our warm up is good for nothing, and we are just as likely to get "injured" as we were before; such "injuries" may come in the form of sin.
Plain and simple, put your sweats on and don't get injured! Isn't it amazing how many similarities life has to sports?

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